Inspirational Children's Books

Noor books

Noor Books is an online retailer of books tailored to the needs of the Muslim children in the West

Our books include stories that help to develop children’s character and Islamic knowledge as well as academic books teaching Islamic education and Arabic language.

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality books to help to develop the next generation of Muslims in both character and knowledge.

Our Partners


The International Curricular Organisation (ICO) supply our Islamic and Arabic academic books for children. The books span from pre-school through to Year 12, so that your children can learn Islamic and Arabic education from pre-school until they reach the age of University.


Our main supplier of story books is a renowned Turkish publisher, Timas®. They supply high quality glossed story books that cover all levels of behaviours for young children from teaching them the importance of brushing their teeth to more advanced Islamic manners. They also supply story books that teach children the Islamic religion, including the signs and names of Allah, the stories of the prophets and the hadith to name but a few.

First Education

First Education provides our services to schools and academic institutes. The ICO curriculum is the fastest growing curriculum to be taken up by Islamic and Arabic supplementary schools in the UK. It is popular amongst teachers as the curriculum is easy to follow and the supportive teacher’s manual and electronic software helps to aid the students with interactive learning methods.